Tmnt X Reader One Shots

Could I request a oneshot of RaphxReader where Raph find out the readers so cheated on them and the reader is just really devastated and just needs hugs and cuddles from Raph?. You're wearing a light blue dress with a snare arounf your waist. Thank you so much, I appreciate that, @ally-the-turtle! One Leo prompt, coming right up! 3. Follow/Fav TMNT X Reader One Shots. Ever imagined what would it be like to be dating the turtle of your dreams? Say no more! This is the right. Ooh!!! ceo!turtles with their new girlfriends and the Reader is a manager in the building but she and the turtle broke apart. I hope you guys will like my stories😆😆😆 Oh yeah this is 2k12 version, and any character #casey #donnie #leo #mikey #others #raph #tmnt #xreader. Do You Need A Hug: Raphael x Reader. I don't own tmnt, you, or this pic that credit goes to whoever made it. Ok I know I already have this but this one isn't lemons, and this is an x reader one. Requested by: Anonymous. Your heels echoed of the walls, as you walked down the corridor leading to your. You gasp for breath frantically as you try to grasp on to something to hold your falling body. 18+ TMNT Bayverse x Reader, ask box/chat is always open, sweet turtle fam! 💚 Mun is Netta/Nettie/Shortie, @thenorthernshadow Header by the talented and amazing @jaroffangurl, thank you for the. Tmnt x reader oneshots Fantasy. I think 14 or 15 plus is a good recommended reader's age. Best turtles EVER! <